critical analysis 45…

This article ran in a recent issue of The New Yorker. The article’s author, Adam Gopnik, is a longtime

American writer and essayist who has been openly critical of the criminal justice system in the United

States since the mid-1990s. In this piece, he discusses misconceptions with the ‘system’ and how these

misconceptions lead to initiatives for reform that are not successful (and costly). He also discusses

prosecutorial misconduct/over-reach and its impact on incarceration numbers.

Please answer the following questions.

(a) Discuss one ‘misunderstanding’ identified by Adam;

(b) Discuss Adam’s position on this ‘misunderstanding’ and how he identifies it as a contributing

factor to the overall issues in the criminal justice system.

(c) Then, take a position on the ‘misunderstanding’ using your own credible outside research or

ideas and defend this position.

(d) Lastly, end your presentation with a thought-provoking question that you might pose to an

audience (for thought). Something you leave the audience with!

It should be three pages at least

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