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Complete this Analysis after reading Chapters 4.7 Art, War, and Revolution; 4.8 Art of Social Conscience; 4.10 Identity, Race, and Gender

In these chapters we have studied many ways in which artists have made a powerful case about an issue that concerned them. Now ask yourself what issue you feel most passionately about. What artwork would you create to communicate your ideas about that issue? Describe the medium, size, and setting, and be specific about how this will be a persuasive piece for your beliefs. Focus on making a positive artwork that draws attention to an important issue — not just a negative piece about someone or something you dislike!

Be creative! This can be in any medium we studied in Part 2: drawing, painting, sculpture, digital art, installation, performance, etc., but be sure to focus on describing the artwork itself, and not just the cause behind it. Remember to use your elements and principles from Part 1!

If you describe this artwork in writing only, your response should be 200-300 words. You may also create a sketch or image of the work you envision; in that case, your response may be 150-200 words. If you do so, your presentation should be neat and clearly visible (clean, unlined paper or an equivalent).

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