watch videos and powerpoint before write discuiison

Please Watch videos and powerpoint before write discussion. There are two discussion, and every discussion write 250 words. Thanks.


In the hospitality, sport, and tourism industry the service is rapidly becoming experience driven by the represented companies, agencies, and sports organizations, even retail. We can see this vividly with Disney, Apple, Starbucks, and Whole Foods. Shopping and entertainment is becoming immersive, no longer just buying a ticket to the game…it’s the whole experience being sold!

The term Experience Economy was first used in a 1998 article by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore describing the experience economy as the next economy following the agrarian economy, the industrial economy, and the most recent service economy. The concept had been previously researched by many authors.

The home of the Experience Economy begins with Joe Pine, Jim Gilmore, and Strategic Horizons. Internationally recognized business thought leaders, Pine & Gilmore originally pioneered the idea of the Experience Economy in the late 1990’s. Subsequent decades of study, writing, and exploring these ideas live with clients around the world have given them unparalleled levels of insight into the nature of staging experiences and the evolution of how companies provide value.

Now, Strategic Horizons offers the tools, experiences, and education to explore and master today’s economic marketplace. Through speaking engagements, direct one-on-one guidance, workshops, and public events, you will find new ways to bring your business to the forefront of the Experience Economy. Using innovative performance techniques refined through thousands of client engagements, Strategic Horizons provides wholly unique perspectives and learning solutions.

B. Joseph Pine II (Links to an external site.) is a co-founder of Strategic Horizons (Links to an external site.). He is the co-author of The Experience Economy (Links to an external site.) and Infinite Possibility: Creating Customer Value on the Digital Frontier (Links to an external site.).

For this discussion, tie in these lectures into your readings.

There is video:


This is an addition to the 1st Video with more depth provided by Joseph Pine in this podcast:

ep-82-experience-economy-business-provocateur-joseph-pine-ii (Links to an external site.) on the Innovation Show.

For the discussion, reflect on his content and the readings and try to relate the two together. The book discusses the experience a bit, but this takes the concept a lot deeper. Reflect on a service delivery encounter you have had recently taht you would describe as this type of experience.

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