to what degree has your attitude toward HIV changed and why?

Video link: 



Submit a 3- to 5-page paper that addresses the following:

  • Describe the attitude you had toward HIV before watching the video and this assignment. Be sure to include how your culture informs this attitude.
  • Explain which parts of the video fit with the attitude you had about HIV before watching the video.
  • Analyze the notes you took while watching the video as they pertain to your biases. In other words, where did you find yourself assimilating (provide examples) and where did you find yourself contrasting with the information on the video (provide examples)?
  • Evaluate your attitude toward HIV now that you have watched the video and understand the concepts of latitude of acceptance and assimilation. In other words, to what degree has your attitude toward HIV changed and why?
  • Conclude your paper by explaining how the components you used for this paper from the social justice theory apply to your attitudes about one other social issue. Be specific.
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