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I have eight papers that I need written about. To write these papers, you need to use the “EXTRA CREDIT CONCEPTS” that i have attached. You will write one page per paper.

Here are some of the paper requirements:

Technical expectations:

– 300 – 350 words

– double spaced

– in a 12 point non serif font Arial, Tahoma or Calibri,

Paper expectations:

This paper is not a formal essay or term paper. This paper is not a summary, an opinion or a simple response. The objective of this paper is to allow students to show they have an understanding of course concepts and can apply them to current social conditions. It will include the following conditions:

– After reading, you will consider 2 concepts from this course that can be applied to the article. These concepts will be defined according to the attached “EXTRA CREDIT CONCEPTS”. No dictionary, encyclopedia or other source definitions are acceptable.

– Papers will NOT have:

— introduction

— opinion

— citations

— references

– Each paper must include 3 quotes from the article.

The title of each paper MUST include some aspect of the title given on Blackboard (example: for a paper on an article about Rosa Parks, the title of the paper might be ‘RosaParksExtraCredit.’)

Do NOT show references (or a Works Cited Page) as they are not needed.

note: The definitions MUST come from either our textbook or class notes or “EXTRA CREDIT CONCEPTS”. Papers using dictionary, Wikipedia, etc definitions will not be read.

Format of the paper:

Paragraph 1: Identify and define the first of the two concepts you will be applying.

– Paragraph 2: Identify and define the second of the two concepts you will be applying.

– Paragraphs 3 and 4: Show how each of these concepts can be applied to the article you’ve read.

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