theatre apprecia assignment response to videos and reading

For this assignment you will be watching 3 Videos and reading one short article on the topics of “What is Theatre Capable of?” and “The Experience of Theatre.”

Please create one document to answer the following questions about these videos and the reading. Please give a one paragraph response to each prompt in the order noted below.

1) In Simon Stone’s video “What is Theatre Capable of? he begins the video by stating “This is a bare stage.” He then proceeds to keep adding layers. What is he trying to stay about the nature of theatre through this video? What is the big take-away?

2) Ben Cameron talks about “The True Power of the Performing Arts” in a ever-changing world. He says there needs to be a massive redefinition of the performing arts. Why does he suggest this and what does he see in the future?

3) According to author Debra Bruch, why is theatre important to human kind, what 3 different ways have scholars approached the study of theatre, and why should we even have theatre?

4) In this final paragraph, please respond to Charlie Todd’s unique way of creating theatre in public places. What does he do and why does he do it? What do you think of it?

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