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Creating a positive work environment that supports employees will lead to high performers in the work area who provide excellent care to patients and their families (Laureate Education, Inc., 2012). The human resource business partner (HRBP) is a resource that nurse managers (NM) consult to ensure the work area and unit team are conducive to reach this goal. The purpose of this discussion will delineate the differences in the roles of the HRBP and the NM.

Survey Results

Laureate Education, Inc. (2006) offers a survey that distinguishes between the HR business partner and Nurse Manager responsibilities. Completing the survey prior will assist the learner in understanding their baseline knowledge of the two roles. The survey results yielded a positive score of 9/10. An opportunity lies in understanding the role of the HR business partner and Nurse Manager in creating the policy and procedures on appraisals.

Role Perceptions

An element to a positive work environment is having adequate staffing to care for patients. Responsibility of the HR department is the recruitment of talent for the organization. Nurse recruitment is a division of HR, and this team utilizes a multitude of platforms such as social media to find optimal candidates for open positions (Lussier & Hendon, 2018). Together the NM and HR will screen all potential applicants as part of the selection process. Ultimately the NM is responsible for conducting the interview and extending an offer on the position.

Coaching employees towards a common goal as well as investing in their personal development is an HR responsibility of the NM (Lussier et al., 2018). A part of the annual evaluation is encouraging the employee to work towards a personal goal that helps facilitate their development. Some facility’s request that the HR department establishes the universal procedures, timeline, and policies regarding the annual appraisal process, while others may request executive leaders and managers to develop this strategy (Laureate Education, Inc., 2006). Another element of the process is the use of technology. The HR department provides expertise on operating systems and can teach frontline leaders on the specifics. The annual appraisal is written and delivered by the NM, as they can determine who is deserving of a raise or provide further coaching towards improved performance. The HRBP assists new leaders on how to provide meaningful feedback to drive positive performance.


The role of the HRBP and NM is one of collaboration and consultation to support the work area, employees, and ultimately, the performance of the organization. Each individual plays a specific role in the onboarding, and annual evaluation process and these specific responsibilities may vary at each organization. Ultimately the partnership between these two roles underpins the functions of the facility and its success.


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