research essay vietnam economic to america economic

Every paper guides are under Course Content: Guidelines for Writing Research Paper

Research Paper: Suggested Topics

The following potential Topics (not limited to) may be reviewed for consideration for the Term Paper.

1. Transformation of Economic Transformation of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China); or a paper on the same topic focusing more on any of these 4 countries.

2. Economic Systems of Scandinavian Countries or focusing on a particular country in that region

3. Economic systems of Japan or Germany as compared to that of USA.

4. Economic system of S. Korea and compared to that of N. Korea or Japan

5. Economic transformation and its success in the Economy Vietnam since 1975

6. Economic systems of some specific countries or region in the Middle east or North Africa

7. Economic Systems and its transformation for Chile

8. Economic system in Greece or in Spain and their weaknesses attributed to the most recent financial collapse

9. Economic Systems in Mexico and Canada as compared to that of USA.

10. Economic transformation of Eastern European countries since the collapse of communism in 1990 and its transition to market system

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