read the materials and answer each task a question in one paragraph

The subject is ethics in national security. Your assignment is to read the material assigned to your group and respond to the tasks below.

Group 2 read Section 3, Code of Conduct, in FBI ethics and integrity program policy directive and policy guide Also read Roufa, T. (2018). Ethics in law enforcement and policing. Available at

TASK #1: Provide a brief summary of your reading(s). What do your colleagues need to know about the topic(s) covered in your reading(s)? Why did you select these points?

TASK #2: What was the most challenging idea that you encountered in the reading(s)?

TASK #3: In your reading(s) did you find an explicit or implicit definition of ethics? How would you define ethics for national security professionals? What, in your opinion, is the importance of ethics for national security professionals?

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