questions about anth

  1. Describe what is meant by the “global assembly line” in the context of contemporary processes of economic and political globalization.Analyze the relationship between the global assembly line and global consumption today.Your answer must include at least one of the readings (Yu, Consumption in China; Klein, No Logo) AND one of the guest lectures (Lululemon Director Daniel Hoon on “Global Production and Consumption”; Professor Schneider on “State Building in Central America”) for these topics.You may of course bring in additional course materials including films to support your answer.
  2. Please describe the relationship between globalization (as analyzed in this course) and the global sport of football as well as sumo.Your answer must discuss Vokes (“Arsenal in Bugamba”) and Professor Ohnuki-Tierney’s guest lecture on “Sumo and Globalization” (or his article uploaded on Canvas).
  3. Please discuss any two course themes (from Days 1-8 as well as commodity research paper) in relation to globalization processes as analyzed in this course.Students are encouraged to analyze the two themes in relation to the final week topics: global finance; the global economy; and social and environmental sustainability—including guest lectures (Professor Roberto Gonzalez on “Zapotec Science and Ecology”; BNG Bank CFO Mr. Olivier Labe on “Global Green Bonds and Sustainability”); and the readings (“Why Environmental Studies?”; “Sustainable Banking”); and/or film (Losing Knowledge).
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