psyc 2301 ethical guidelines research methods

Review the Ethical Guidelines and Research Methods. Write 3-5 paragraphs for each topic. This assignment will be used as an assessment to meet the SLO (Student Learning Outcomes).

Do not make this assignment difficult; it’s open book. And remember, a paragraph constitutes 5-7 sentences per paragraph, not per line.

Topic #1: If you need additional information on the (5) Ethical Principles, please visit as a resource. However, the guidelines are outlined in the book.

Topic #2: Explain the (2) basic types of Research Methods. For Descriptive Research, make sure to briefly discuss Case Studies and Correlational Studies. For Experimental Research, you also need to briefly discuss Control Group and Experimental Group.

Topic #3 * In addition, include the (4) steps to the Scientific Method

IMPORTANT! Please refer to the attached rubric in how I will be grading this assignment. Make sure to read each

Rubric.Reflective.Example.2019.Psyc2301(1) (2).xls

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