psy 241 developmental psychology 1

Chapter Discussion Questions: For each week/chapter there is a discussion question (under discussion board). You must respond to the question in a scholarly and well thought out manner. You may post early but must post by the deadline date for that chapter (see course calendar). You must meet the deadline to receive credit for the postings. Your posting must be at minimum 2 paragraphs with a minimum of 400 words (this does not include the discussion questions).

Grading for the discussion questions will be based on:

• Using appropriate APA style format to include citations and references. Each post must have in text citations and a reference list at the close of your post. I recommend that you review the APA format style at

• A minimum of 2 paragraphs with a minimum of 400 words to be an acceptable response (not to include the discussion questions).

• Written at a collegiate level of writing.

• Accuracy, factual writing

• Thoroughness, most of the assignments require critical thinking. This is done to encourage you to bring information from several areas together to answer the question or describe the topic.

• No plagiarism tolerated. If you plagiarize, the appropriate penalty will be applied (see above section – ACADEMIC DISHONESTY AND PLAGIARISM).

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