property finance


Assignment 1: Investment Analysis


As a property analyst, you are required to carry out an investment analysis report for your client who has an opportunity to purchase an income-producing property.

You must identify an income-producing property and obtain the information for the property as follows:

  1. Property Data- purchasing costs-legal fees etc.
  2. Income Data-vacancy rate, current rent, fixed operating expenses, variable expenses etc.

There are 5 major parts of this report:

Part 1: Introduction

You should provide the identification of the property. It includes the description information of the subject property.

Part 2: Property Market

You should give a description/analysis of the property market. This would include items such as vacancy rates, demand, rental, incentives, investment activity and yields.

Part 3: Mortgage Requirements

You are also required to obtain the information of your client’s mortgage requirements. Identify the amount of loan that is required, term and repayment frequency and interest rate. Based on the information, calculate the loan repayment.

Part 4: Investment Analysis

By using the collected data, conduct a detailed investment analysis. The analysis should include:

  1. A discounted cash flow,
  2. IRR and NPV on property,
  3. The impact of debt financing,
  4. The optimal financing strategy

Part 5: Conclusion

You should summarise the key findings. Recommendations should also be given

Submission Requirements

Although there is no page limit, this assignment should not exceed 2,500 words with using 12 points font size and 1.5 spacing. Please refer to the suggested format as stated in the marking guide.

The submission of the hard copy assignment must be accompanied by a signed assignment cover sheet and the soft copies of all related excel files. However, it is essential that the body of the report discusses and reports the results of DCFs and does not simply say ‘refer to information in the excel files’.

For the avoidance of doubt, although referencing and acknowledgements will be reflected in a marking schedule, failure to reference and acknowledge will lead to automatic failure of the assignment with a 0 mark. Late submission will be penalized in accordance with School policy at the rate of 10% of awardable marks per day or part of day late.

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