persuasive speech outline 6

In this speech, you will select and research a proposition that you will convince your classmates about. Your proposition may be a claim of fact (arguing for the truth), value (arguing for something’s worth or quality), or policy (arguing for a course of action).

Choose a topic that you can enthusiastically persuade the class about. The topic for this speech must be different from your previous presentations (Object Speech & Informative Speech).a. Best Topics – The best topics often lie at the intersection of your passions and possible audience concerns. The topic is about why going to school is a great choice

Topic- College

Specific Purpose- To persuade my audience on why going to college is a great choice.

Thesis – Going to college allows you to make more money, learn specific set of skills, and become an expert on a topic.Highlight Research – Orally cite at least three credible sources in your speech to show evidence of academic research.

Construct a typed key-word/key-phrase outline which includes a Specific Purpose and Thesis at the top of the outline.a. Length – The outline may be no longer than two pages. You must submit a final copy to me before you speak.b. Writing – This is a communication class so be careful about grammar, spelling and punctuation; they will be considered in your outline grade.

Prepare a typed Works Cited Page citing three to five references used in your speech.a. Use MLA style – Consult NoodleBib (via our online library), EasyBib, or OWL for help with formatting.b. Bankier Library’s On-Line Databases – At least two sources in your Works Cited must come from Bankier Library’s on-line databases.c. Wikipedia – Because of potentially unreliable content, Wikipedia does not count as a Works Cited source.

I made an outline but my teacher said it needed to be “The outline, however, is more of an essay formatted to look like an outline. You should cut everything down to key-words and key-phrases only. Please see the samples in the Persuasive Speech module.” Please fix it up so its like that.

There is an example outline that I had to make for my informative speech so that can be an example how it should be formatted.

Also please make a powerpoint to go with the outline.

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