option 1 employee salary calculator program and analysis

Demonstrate an understanding of C++ programming concepts by completing the following:

  1. Program: Create a C++ program that will function as an Employee Salary Calculator. Obtain from the user:
    1. Double variables for
      1. Standard Hours worked
      2. Rate of Pay
      3. Overtime Hours (if applicable)
    2. Calculate appropriate pay for standard hours and overtime (1.5 x rate of pay).
    3. Provide formatted output using the following methods
      1. setw()
      2. setprecision()
  2. Store the values into three different variables. For each variable, create three integer pointers that point to each values. Display the contents of the variables and pointers. In your program, be sure to use the new operator and delete operators to manage dynamic memory.
  3. Program Analysis: Given your program implementation, discuss and identify the possible security vulnerabilities that may exist. If present, discuss solutions to minimize the vulnerabilities. Discuss and identify possible problems that can result in errors when using formatted output. Your analysis should be 1-2 pages in length.

Submit the following components:

  • Word document with appropriate screenshots of your program executing, program analysis responses, and source code in the Word file.
  • Submit your .cpp source code file(s). If more than 1 file, submit a zip file.
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