note that i only need the introduction paper which should be 5 page in total after that we shall proceed to the position paper which should be 15 pages attached find the details

NOTE NOTE NOTE ( Note Keenly)

You will be doing only the introduction paper which should be 5 pages in total. After this paper we shall continue with with the position paper which will be a 15 pages. Again note that i only need the introduction paper which should be 5 page in total.

please follow the introduction paper outline (i will attach 5 reading articles, you can also use peer review i mean outside sources but they should be accessible.

I have attached the details below. I will also attache the articles once i assign the paper. Kindly follow the instructions carefully and ensure top notch work. Ensure no plagiarism no grammar issues.

Re: Position Paper; How art therapy supports children and youth that suffer post-traumatic stress disorder

Introduction & Initial Reference List:


This is a proposed introduction for your Independent Study Final Paper. This introduction involves a short narrative of no more three (3) double-spaced pages of content to introduce their intended Independent Study paper.

Each outline will vary depending on students’ individual topics but should give the Faculty Advisor a clear sense of the topic, approach, structure, and planned content of your Final Paper.

This introduction should include the following specific elements:

›Introduce the problem to be addressed in your independent study;

›Briefly define and establish the importance of the problem;

›Describe some relevant scholarship;

›Identify your research question; (What is your Paper about and why is this important

›State hypothesis/approach to your research topic;

›Introduce the planned research design including the type of project (lit review, position paper, original research) and Research methodology (e.g. type of literature review);

›Summary of key themes Describe at least three themes that you expect to find in the literature; provide two or three references for each of these themes” (approx. three to five themes) that are emerging in your critical analysis of the literature.

›How this topic and approach relates to the field of child and youth care (e.g. relevance to CYC];

›Provide a brief plan to identify your planned sections

›Include 15-20 separate in-text references to support your introduction (with accompanying reference list) that may include both scholarly and grey literature sources that directly relate to the topic and that demonstrate clearly that the student has gained a foundational knowledge of the topic.

Ø***Note that it is expected that you will revise your introduction before submitting your Final Paper. Further development of your Independent Study including your introduction is expected after submission of this assignment as your thinking and efforts advance on the topic.

Reference list

Your reference list should be no less than:

i. five references from the required list of CYC readings (see below for list), and

ii.10-15 from other academic/grey literature sources to support the elaboration of your chosen topic.

·Your reference list must reflect APA formatting requirements.

Keep in mind that this is a reference list, not a bibliography. Thus, all resources identified in this list must be referred to in your introduction.

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