jv assignment

Part 1 is the notes to what the instructor left to redo the attached paper. Please redo the paper for me per the instructions and examples that the instructor left. Everything that you need is attached. The paper that need to be corrected is EDU 508 assignment 4.

Part 1

a) The header needs to be fixed as follows:


b) Also, place the page numbering at the top.

c) Where are the rest of the required 7 to 10 required peer-reviewed summaries? I only saw 4. Help!

d) What is the name of the theory? Who developed the theory? Where are the sources supporting your statements? Did you look at the list I previously provided? Here is another copy:

Theory Framework.pdf

e) Where is your Common Themes Section?

f) Where is your Contrast Findings and Results Section?

g) I am not sure what happened, but the Research Methodology Section needed to describe the Qualitative approach you used to gather, collect, and analyze the survey questions and responses from the participants who answered the survey.

h) Why are there different subheadings pertaining to other topics and not the required for Part 2 as explained in Blackboard?

i) It appears that you submitted part of the information for this course, but perhaps part of the information for another class.

j) The paper does not meet the minimum course requirement as explained in Blackboard.

Here again, are the sample template and the PPT slides to use as a “visual” guide to organizing the paper.

Assignment 4.Great student paper.docx

Revised.Putting it all together.pptx

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