Is workplace discrimination and ageism still prevalent today?

A minimum of 250 words each question and References (questions #1- 4) KEEP QUESTION WITH ANSWER

1) How important do you think careers are in shaping our identity? Are you planning to have a one-career life, or do you plan to have several jobs in your lifetime? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario? Finally, what do you think it might cost (financially, personally, socially) to “have it all”?

2) Is workplace discrimination and ageism still prevalent today? What laws are in place to protect individuals from age discrimination related to employment? List at least five advantages and disadvantages (each) of hiring an older worker.

3) How do relationships change with age? Might Sternberg’s triangular theory of love differ between an 18-year-old couple and a 50-year-old couple? Provide examples.

Based on the literature, list six key factors that contribute to healthy relationship dynamics.

4) Some research shows that lonely people are more likely to have an early death than those with close relationships. Do you agree with this? Can one find happiness and longevity outside of a romantic relationships? If so, how?

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