Hybrid Learning Environments

This discussion forum explores the characteristics of hybrid learning environments and how each learning institution might organize hybrid courses in different ways. Respond to the following questions and, as appropriate, include personal experience as part of your answers: 

  • This week, you have learned that hybrid learning, or blended learning, means different things to different organizations. In your post, provide a detailed description of a hybrid course you either presently teach or would like to teach. Determine which tools and methodologies your hybrid course would use and describe in detail how student interaction would be encouraged. In addition, make sure to provide a rationale for your choices. 

Here are a couple examples of Hybrid courses:

  • Kittle Autry, M. (n.d.). Sample hybrid course. Retrieved from http://wpahybridguide.wordpress.com/hybrid/sample-course/
  • The University of Utah. (n.d.).  Hybrid courses: What, why & how [Video file]. Retrieved from https://utah.instructure.com/courses/148446/wiki/hybrid-course-design
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