how should you approach developing a scope for a web based project

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In your own words, answer this unit’s discussion questions in a main post (recommended minimum 300 words), and respond to at least 2 peers’ postings (recommended minimum 75 words).

A local restaurant would like to put its business online, and you are in charge of this project.

  • Discuss how you should you approach developing the scope of this Web-based project.
  • Share how your personal experiences with online business interfaces can influence how you approach this project.

Also please respond to:

A local restaurant would like to put its business online, and you are in charge of this project.

  • Discuss how you should you approach developing the scope of this Web-based project.
  • Share how your personal experiences with online business interfaces can influence how you approach this project.

My parents actually have a restaurant and have for last 30 years. A couple years back my step-dad was eager to make that connections with his customers on Facebook and a personal website, which would have coupons and highlight special menu items.

There is few marketing tips that I would bring into this project because you would want to make the website an extension of your business that will gesture business and buzz. First order of business is figure out the local restaurant plan, do they want a functional website that people can use to make online orders for pick up or delivery or just a website that offers the menu and nutrients values.

For the local restaurant that wants to be a fully functional website that people use to make orders and also provide additional services like a menu, nutrient values and party planning large groups.

· Establish a deadline and schedule meetings with the website master and client to see ensure their vision is met

· Enlist the help of a website master to design to the site to include the following :

o Pictures of the restaurant

o Pictures of best-selling Dishes

o User friendly layout that keeps customers engaged

o Menus (breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, drinks, etc.)

§ Including Nutritional Values, ingredients, if the item is considered vegan or gluten free, etc.

o Coupons

o The ability to Order Online for pickup or delivery directly to the restaurant or the use of service like GrubHub or UberEats, keeping up with the times for the current customers.

o The ability to reserve a table or reverse a room for large gatherings

o The ability to track the customers like a mailing list for promotions or special deals

§ Probably some built in reporting that speaks to their current system to ensure that website is actually making money.

· Generate Buzz by the following

o Have sign created like the Facebook or website ones that say “follow us or check us out at”

o Hire or enlist the help of Local Food Blogger that will come try the foods. They will create a blog, and redirect people to use your website/social media site

o Buy ad space that redirect clients to the website/social media site

o Create a special coupon for those who have visited and joined the mailing list to either use online or in person

The personal experiences I would bring to this project or inspirations would be probably some of my local favorite restaurants social media and website. I would probably engaged those other businesses to see who was probably their webmaster or even their photographer, most local business owners are helping each other. We have local Instagram site here in Triad (Greensboro, NC), that highlights a local business every month and them main way for them to do that is by posting about it on Instagram and Facebook. I have been to a few events, they have a special “sample menu” for about $5-10 dollars and you able to meet locals in your area but also other local business owners that are able to share and make suggestions, so that everyone is benefiting.


Please respond:

Hi Class,

When it comes to project scope for a restaurant website, I would have the team focus on website aesthetics and ease of use. The marketing team would need to consult with the restaurant management to get an understanding of the menu, décor, atmosphere and history of the establishment. Using this information a website can be built with colors and images that match the restaurant’s feel in a virtual environment. Website ease of use and load speed are very important to web design. Some websites that run introduction videos or slideshows that can take too long to load on a slow connection, this can cause prospective customers to lose interest and abandon the site before the website and sales message can even be displayed. Keeping the website home page simple but attractive is the first step in gaining the customers’ attention. Once customers have made it to the restaurant website, the site needs to be intuitive and easy to navigate. If the website is confusing, or links to information is hard to find, customers will lose interest. Most people, including myself when viewing a restaurant website want to see pictures of the food. Having a professional photographer and food stylist take high quality images of the restaurant’s most popular items will help to draw in customers seeking a great meal.

I used much of my own online research on online business presence with regards to this post. My wife is in the process of starting a clothing boutique with an online store. Much of the same ideas about website ease of use and quickly catching the customers’ eye, applies to other business websites as well. I know that I have also wondered about the quality of a business based on their website as well. If I’m looking at a webpage that is bland and basic with little aesthetics, I wonder if the product I would be getting will be that way also. With today’s customers seeking instant gratification, websites must wow the customer quickly in order to keep them on the site long enough to make the sale.

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