for this assignment you should examine toys targeted to infants birth to 24 months to see if the toys are appropriate given what we know about infant motor sensory and perceptual abilities also you will examine attachment behavior us

Please use 12-pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, APA format to complete the assignment. You must complete both parts of the activity. Each part will need 2 pages to answer (a total of 4 pages).

Part 1— Motor, Sensory, & Perceptual Development

This activity will reinforce your knowledge and understanding of infants’ sensory and perceptual abilities and provides an opportunity for you to apply this knowledgeYou should go to the toy section of a store or review toys online at a URLs such as You should find one toy that you deem to be “appropriate” for the given age group (i.e., the age group identified by the toy manufacturer) and one toy that you deem to be “inappropriate.” In a written report (1 ½ to 2 pages), you should clearly articulate why you deem the toys to be appropriate or inappropriate using information from the textbook on motor, sensory, and perceptual development/skills. Please include a picture of each type of toy you discuss.

Part 2— Emotional Development and Attachment

In this project, you will examine attachment behavior using naturalistic observation. At a local shopping mall or playground, observe for 15 minutes a mother with an infant 12 to 18 months old. It’s important that you observe a mother/child pair that you do not know and that it is in a public place. You may have to observe a few infant/mother dyads to find a good example to complete this assignment. For example, if the infant/mother is only in your view for 6 minutes and leaves, you shouldn’t write about them or if the mom sits on the bench the whole time on her phone, barely interacting with her child, it may be difficult to complete the assignment. Record the behaviors you notice in a notebook. Attachment behaviors may include talking, clinging, mutual gaze, smiling, crying, hitting, and retrieving. Be sure to maintain an unobtrusive presence and disclose your purposes should anyone ask.

In a written report (2 pages), discuss your findings with reference to the following questions:

Who did you observe? (i.e., mother-son, father-son, mother-daughter, father-son)

Where did you conduct your naturalistic observation?

What kinds of behaviors did you observe? Be detailed?

Were the interactions generally positive or negative? How so?

Did the infant appear to use the mother as a secure base? How so?

Of the attachment categories discussed in the text, which seems to best characterize this pair? Explain.

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