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I will have to say I don’t have an exact favorite topic, the topics I did like were to ones that I got the hang of really quick and the ones that didn’t require a lot of work to be done. For the most part I understood how to do the assignments within mystatlabs, the video lessons were the most helpful to me because if I didnt understand something I could go back and re-watch them until I learned how to do it. Being completely honest I will have to say that I questioned myself passing this course before it even started, math is my biggest weakness when it comes to school. I remember thoughts roaming in my minding about dropping the course, but I decided that I would face this head on. Now that the course is almost over I can sincerely say that it wasn’t all that bad, I actually learned a lot and have even been able to use what I learned here in other classes. I am currently working towards an associates degree in criminal justice, I am really close to achieving my goal since I am only three classes away from getting the degree. I needed a math class for my degree and I chose math statistics because it seemed like it would be a lot different than your regular math class, which it was. I knew that by learning basic statistics I would be able to apply it in other aspects of my life and not just work. The next three classes I need to finish my degree are a psychology class which I am currently taking, an english class, and a management class.

Good luck to you all in this final week of class, and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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