finish the questions based on the readings i provided

  1. Briefly identify the risk management approach (Wheeler, FRAAP, FAIR, or OCTAVE Allegro) or combination of model components, you feel is best fit for FS and why you chose it. Define important concepts in laymen’s terms.
  2. Provide an example business impact analysis using either Wheeler’s approach, NIST 800-37 R1 RMF, or VDEP to identify at least 4 of the company’s most valuable processes / resources – based on the data you have – and briefly explain the criteria you used to identify them. A table would present this information well.
  3. In a table format, for each of the processes / resources you identified in your BIA above: identify at least 3 threat / vulnerability pairs and indicate their likelihood and severity using tools from Wheeler or one of the provided frameworks (FRAAP, FAIR, or OCTAVE Allegro). It’s okay if a threat / vulnerability pair is relevant to more than one of your processes / resources. Remember that for a vulnerability assessment you’ll need to consider state of preparedness the critical assets, or if you use VDEP, the preparedness of the dependencies underlying your critical processes – this could be a separate column in your table. Be careful there though to keep the discussion high level and easy to follow by a non-technical. Your goal is to reinforce the need to protect these assets / processes, not drown the CEO and CFO in detail.
  4. Based on these analyses, explain the organization’s top strategic cyber risks and the potential damage sources and financial exposures the company will face if the risks are realized, factoring in the company’s plans to go public. Using the strategic cyber risk graphics would be helpful here but you’ll want to add numbers to margin losses wherever possible.
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