explore the healthy people 2020 web site http www healthypeople gov please select one of the topic areas in healthy people 2020 prepare a brief paper one or two single spaced pages addressing each of the questions following

Explore the Healthy People 2020 web site, http://www.healthypeople.gov

Please select one of the topic areas in Healthy People 2020. Prepare a brief paper (one or two single spaced pages) addressing each of these questions:

  • What topic area did you select and why?
  • What goal is identified on Healthy People for that topic area?
  • Why is this focus area an important area, i.e. why does it merit attention?
  • What are some recent examples of the importance of this issue (can be local, regional, national, global examples – might be an event, a news item, new research findings, etc.)?
  • What are some of the important issues related to this focus area?
  • What suggestions do you have for making improvements in this topic area?

Grading will be based upon these factors:

  • Compliance with the assignment instructions above, including addressing each question
  • Demonstration that the Healthy People materials have been examined and incorporated into the response
  • Responding to the questions in your own words vs. taking directly from the web site
  • Readability of post and quality of writing, including spelling and grammatical considerations
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