English composition

An effective description leaves the reader with a dominant impression-an overall attitude, mood, or feeling about the subject. The impression may be awe, inspiration, anger, or distaste, for example.Read the following paragraph and take out details that do not contribute to the dominant impression.  List the details you took out and explain why you chose those details. Please reply to two of your classmates and remember that your post must be 150 words.All morning I had some vague sense that something untoward was about to happen. I suspected bad news was on its way. As I stepped outside, the heat of the summer sun, unusually oppressive for ten o’clock, seemed to sear right through me. In fact, now that I think about it, everything seemed slightly out of kilter that morning. The car, which had been newly painted the week before, had stalled several times. The flowers in the garden, planted for me by my husband, purchased from a nursery down the road, were drooping. It was as though they were wilting before they even had a chance to grow. Even my two cats, which look like furry puffballs, moved listlessly across the room, ignoring my invitation to play. It was then that I received the phone call from the emergency room telling me about my son’s accident.

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