economics final paper

Choose any two topics discussed in the managerial economics class and write a 5 – 7 page essay with the following specifications.

  • Typed – Double spaced
  • Font – Times New Roman, Size 12
  • Margins – 1 inch (top, bottom, right and left)

The paper should consist of the following:

  • A discussion on your selected topics covering the main points.
  • Atleast one news article related to each chosen topic, showing the application of the concept in the real world. You can easily find such news articles on google.
  • Write in your own words what you’ve understood from the articles and how this relates to what you have learned in the Econ 140 class.
  • Print the articles and staple along with your paper. The articles will not be included in the page count.

Other Requirements:

  • Title of the paper and Your Name (Top corner of the first page)
  • References (These should be on the last page of the assignment)

Submission Deadline: Last day of instruction – Friday, December 7th (in class).

You can earn a maximum of 5% on this assignment. The grading TA’s decision regarding your assignment grade will be final; the assignment is not subject to grade-disputes.

(Keep in mind that late submissions or submissions via email will not be graded.)

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