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1:  A WAN or wide area network is a network that supports connectivity outside of a local area network. Some would reference the Internet itself as a WAN and they would probably be correct, your home set up is both a LAN and a WAN all in one as you have a LAN side (your devices internal to your router or modem) and then the connectivity outside of your router (the link from your router out to the Internet through your ISP). An example of a simple WAN is where I work, I work out of a satellite office set apart from the main building. We are both on the same WAN while we each have our own LAN (LANs for their case) for each building. Our LANS are linked together on the company’s WAN through coax and fiber lines connecting us to them with plenty of hardware in between. We share a server that handles the accounts as far as authenticating and creating / managing accounts, its located at the main building site but we still access it and utilize it for services.


2:  A Wide Area Network (WAN) is an infrastructure made of LANs and MANs that connects to each other over a large geographic area.  This can include world wide.  A great example of this the Internet.  There are many small LANS and MANs to talk to a centrally located area to those networks.  Those will then branch off to more of the same network connections and so on.  That all eventually connects to each other and forms the WAN.  Large businesses that have locations all across the glob will use a WAN to connect all of their servers with each other for seamless operation in the day to day activities.  If they have an office on the East coast and an office on the West coast they would be using a WAN which would have to be connected through use of the Internet.  Each office would have their own ISP providing internet and switches in each office connecting their staff PCs together and eventually going out to the Internet.


3:The main advantage that WAN gives to companies is the capability of resource consolidation. It allows for companies to save their data in a singular central data center rather than spreading it out over many locations.
How does this advantage of WAN benefit a company in its processes?

math 116


4: Why is it important to follow the order of operations?

  • What are some possible outcomes when the order of operations is ignored?
  • If you invented a new notation where the order of operations was made clear, what would you do to make it clear?

5: I think it’s important to follow the order of operations when simplifying expressions and equation because it defines the order. If you don’t use it you will get the wrong answer. For example 4+2×3=4+(2×3)=4+6=10 but if you use the wrong order (4+2)x3=6×3=18 you will come out with the wrong answer. I think it’s just like looking up directions on the gps. You are going to use the direct steps its gives you. You are not going to choose which directions to take out or you may never get there. I don’t think I could invent a new notation where the order of operation was made clear. PEMDAS works for me.


6:PEMDAS is a common method used for remembering the order of how to solve a mathematical problem. In turn it stands for Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, and Addition and Subtraction.




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