discussion specifics aoj 206

Pick three items from the list below and comment and explain. Make sure to clearly label which comments you answering ( 1,2,3,…).

  1. Who can conduct a criminal investigation (public and private sector)?
  2. What types of criminal investigations are there?
  3. In your opinion, what are the top three factors for successfully solving a criminal investigation
  4. In your opinion, what are the top three traits of a criminal investigator?
  5. Should law enforcement criminal investigations always be conducted and completed by detectives/investigators or can law enforcement first responders also conduct investigations to completion? Why?
  6. In your opinion what is the hardest criminal investigation to perform/complete? Why?
  7. What are common ethical dilemmas related to criminal investigations?
  8. Discuss some outside pressures to solve crime encountered during criminal investigations.
  9. In your opinion, why do crime rates go up and down?
  10. Once a criminal investigator completes their investigation and the matter goes through court, should a criminal investigator care about what sentence the offender ultimately receives?

This section must be at least 300 words minimum. Include a word count in parenthesis at the end.

Make sure to use proper APA formatting to cite your work if applicable.

Response # 1 and Response #2 – Next, you will comment on two classmate’s post AND then ask the same classmate a question, challenge an idea, and/or support his/her argument with material from the reading. The question you ask should, in theory, be able to continue a dialogue or conversation. Replying to a classmate who is responding to you, is not a response for purposes of grading. You must reach out to other classmates.

This section must be at least 150 words minimum. Include a word count in parenthesis at the end of each reply.

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