Discussion Questions 1-4

Discussion Questions 1-4Due Date 3/20/2021 10 AMUse theEbookto answer some of the questions below. In the questions,it gives you the pages to read in order to answer the question. Below is the login information:[email protected]Password: Michelle49!Make sure to click on “EBOOK” once you login; then go to the pages that are in the questions to answer them.Kicking a bad habitThink about a habit or behavior you have that you just can’t seem to curb (we all have them!). Did you acquire this habit through operant or classical conditioning, and how? Try to design a program/method where you use one of these concepts to help you quit this habit- which could you use, and how will it work?Exploring PTSD and MemoryThis week’s readings discuss quite a plethora of information, too, on how memory works. What role does post-traumatic stress disorder play in memory retrieval, persistence of memories, and interference? How does what we know about the way memory works help us understand Post-Traumatic Stress disorder?Mapping the brain for memory/learningInterestingly, memories do have specific locations in the brain (hint: check page 268-269). How does knowing these physical locations help explain why and how classical conditioning works? What about operant conditioning?Psychology in educationConsider how these concepts might play a role in the educational setting… how might each of these concepts help you as a student to succeed in classes? What are some examples of how you might implement each type of conditioning to your own learning to help you do well in class?

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