diagnostic essay 2

Summary: This course’s readings should challenge the way you view society and your role within in it. American culture has dominant language, dress, social codes, behaviors, and even consumer habits; yet, all of these are implicit. The participants of American society did not wake up one day, congregate in a town hall, and then decide, “Today – we will allow women to wear pants!” The social codes that have construct our existence give each of us unique frameworks for analysis. No individual has a perspective that is completely identical to another person’s.

Ideally, the course’s readings will help you untangle how you perceive yourself and your role within academic discourse. To start: consider your life right now. How are you defining a “dominant” American culture? Are you thinking of BBQ’s, fireworks, and apple pies, or something else? How do you envision the American Dream? Or, maybe something dystopian takes the forefront of your construct.

Directions: Write as much as you can in the 40-minute time constraint. Your essay should be thesis driven and include examples (or anecdotal evidence) and analysis.

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