develop a service level agreement sla for university website maintenance service

As part of assignment we need to Develop a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for a service.

I have choose the topic as ” University website maintenance ” with some vendor.for SLA document format attached FitSm_Template format .I have also attached some example SLA document and other document for your reference.


1) Make sure that your SLA includes at least the Standard Service Features, Optional Service Features, Delivery Scope and Channels, Service Hours / Location, User Requirements, Service Initiation, Service Support, Standard and Optional Costs, and Service Targets (think of capacity planning).

2) Describe in detail the Description of your Service, Service Standards (availability, capacity, continuity, Maintainability, scalability, Reliability and security), Duration of the SLA, Roles and Responsibilities, and Evaluation Criteria (Service Objectives).

3) Make sure the SLA document covered below points

  • Uptime, how many times to break, how much time to fix those breaks
  • Reporting on services tickets solved .( ex: by week ,2 weeks ,month)
  • Resolve disputes (In case any)
  • Assumptions ( new one comes and go . do you except99%reliability all 3 years ,)
  • customer responsibilities — how this product used and maintained, time take to inform in case of failure ,appropriate usage of product
  • underpinning agreement’s – are you doing everything your own and other 3rd party provider’s
  • escalation
  • increasing and decreasing services — how will we do it
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