co301 w1 8 mostly multiple choice questions 5 fill in the answer

There are 61 questions total. 56 multiple choice questions and 5 fill in the black and explain questions. I need each week completed y each Sat.

CO301 Intro to Communication Theory

Week 1-8 Quizzes

Week 1

  • When people engage in intrapersonal communication, they are
  • Lok is sitting in class listening to his friend give a speech. Lok is taking the information provided in the speech and trying to understand what his friend is communicating. In the linear model of communication, Lok is engaged in which of the following?
  • Olivia became upset when her boyfriend said, “Thanks for the grub!” after she cooked him dinner because the word “grub” always made her think of the disgusting worms that infested her parents’ garden when she was a child. This illustrates the principle that
  • According to the reading, the process of communication requires two things to be civil and ethical. What are they?
  • Which of the following is not a characteristic of competent communicators?
  • Carlos describes himself as a “heterosexual, male, Latino, and first generation college student.” This description refers to Carlos’s
  • Dana’s teachers and classmates often referred to her as the “class clown.” Dana internalized this label and continued to make jokes during class time. The process of acting in accordance to the labels bestowed on us is called
  • Liam and his roommate had agreed to take turns washing dishes. Liam washed dishes on Monday but his roommate left the dirty dishes in the sink on Tuesday and Wednesday. Liam approached his roommate on Wednesday afternoon and said, “I noticed that you didn’t wash the dishes yesterday and there are still dirty dishes in the sink this afternoon. I thought maybe you forgot it was your turn, or perhaps you’ve been busy studying for that big exam you have coming up. Why haven’t you washed the dishes? What communication strategy was Liam using to determine the accuracy of his perceptions about his roommate’s behavior?
  • The way other people’s perception of us defines our own perceptions of ourselves is called

___ communicating internally.

___ communicating with other people.

___ interacting with a small but organized collection of people.

___ giving speeches to other people.

___ Decoding

___ Encoding

___ Feedback

___ Channeling

___ accuracy and honesty

___ integrity and modesty

___ reciprocity and feedback

___ reciprocity and intentionality

___ Standpoint.

___ Self-esteem.

___ Reflected appraisal.

___ Facework.

___ Facework.

___ Self-fulfilling prophecy.

___ Identity management.

___ Social comparison.

___ Stereotyping

___ Low self-monitoring

___ Perception checking

___ Social comparison

___ Identity.

___ Standpoint.

___ Looking-glass self.

___ Self-concept.

What term does Sociologist Erving Goffman use to describe the way we alter our behav

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