children s literature 3


  • As also stated in the syllabus, remember, throughout the course you need to be creating a Children’s Literature Best Practice Portfolio. You will be responsible for creating Children’s Literature Based Best Practice Activity pages to go inside the portfolio with quality children’s literature from the specific list of a variety of genres. You will provide detailed information about the book, author, illustrator, genre, and pre- and post- activities to engage children. The template for the portfolio is in the forms area of our course or at the end of this syllabus. This template provides a list of the items you will need to include in your portfolio. You may arrange the items in your portfolio alphabetically, by genre, or some other method that will be beneficial to you in the classroom. Please use clipart or other pictures and color coding to help you remember specifics about each entry.
  • You must choose your 15 books to include in your Children’s Literature Best Practice portfolio.
  • You must include quality books, making sure you choose one from each of the following categories yet one book can satisfy more than one category requirement:
    • Classic Literature (folktale, fairy tale, legend etc)
    • Modern Fantasy
    • Animal Fantasy
    • Biography
    • Realistic Fiction
    • Historical Fiction
    • Poetry
    • Informational Non-Fiction
    • Multicultural (provides information about a culture or the history of that culture)
    • Christian
    • Cross-curricular (books about math, science, art, etc)
    • 2 from the same author
    • 1 Caldecott Award winner
    • 1 Newberry Award winner
  • Your final submission must include an original cover page with clip art and a unique design to complete your portfolio.
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