case study 735

Complete Unit should have a cumulative of 1,500 words minimum for the narrative (which does not include the reference listing) There should be a minimum of four peer reviewed journal articles used each week in the development of the Complete Unit, inclusive of in-text citations and a reference listing in APA format. Remember to write in third person, objective consultant point of view.

Case Study: Personnel Selection
Hiring a Plant Manager at Dynamo Industries
Read the case titled “Hiring a Plant Manager at Dynamo Industries.” You are the vice president of HR and have been asked to prepare an executive summary, including recommendations to the following questions:

1.Who should the top three choices be for this position? List them in rank order and provide rationale.

2. What consideration should be given to by the Ad Hoc committee on Diversity that Mr. Jackson should be hired since he meets the minimum qualifications and Dynamo has an affirmative action program.

3.How should the selection process be changed in the future (additional selection devices, additional information to gather, sources to drop or change)

Case Study: Performance Management
Performance-Appraisal Feedback: A Role-Play Exercise

4.Review the Performance Evaluation in Exhibit 7.1.1…Define the type of Evaluation this represents and describe if there are any relationships that might tie this Performance Evaluation to the actual job the employee may be doing

5.Based on the presented information in Chapter 7, prepare a one page critique on the performance form and the extent to which it will help with the feedback process.

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