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Introduction and Purpose of Assignment

Charges of ethical and legal wrongdoing are commonplace in organizations today. These charges may be legitimate or not. The advent of social media and the internet has made whistle-blowing even easier and leaders must be prepared to not only address these charges but understand what their presence reveals about their organizations. This exercise explores whistle-blowing and its impact on organizations.


  • Discuss the role and nature of whistle-blowing in organizations. (4.1)

Theory and Context

A whistleblower refers to an individual who has taken the time to expose alleged illegal and unethical behavior of an organization. The most recent recognizable form of this can be observed in the case of Edward Snowden. Snowden released information on the NSA’s operations in how they were illegally spying on millions of Americans. The other side of the argument points to the threat to national security. In the case of whistleblowing, an ethical dilemma arises where both sides have legitimate grounds to argue.


Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. (2011, October 19). Whistle blowing: The good, the bad and…[Video file]. Retrieved from


  • In this discussion address:
    • What is whistle-blowing and how does its presence indicate a failure within the organization even if the charges are false?
    • Provide an example of whistle-blowing from your own experiences or the news.
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