base on the word doc and requirement finish the journal

Based on Chapter 3 (Interpersonal Communication & Perception), Lectures: Perception

1. Contrast the various theories about how perception influences how we interact with others (e.g., implicit personality theory, impression formation theory, causal attribution theory, standpoint theory). Analyze your communication with your Partner based upon at least two of these theories.(Me and my partner are discuss a situation when you meet the professor in the hallway but you didn’t receive you exam score at least two weeks. If I’m in the situation I will just go ahead and ask the professor why I haven’t receive my score) Interpersonal Journal Assignment 6 Interpersonal Communication

2. What perceptual barriers have affected your relationship with your partner, either in the short-term or long-term? Which have you successfully overcome, at least occasionally? Which ones are the most difficult for you to overcome? Why?

3. Would improving your interpersonal perception skills result in an improvement of your relationship with your Partner? Why or why not? What strategies might you focus on for improvement? What strategies do you already employ?

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