academic plan of study

Complete the final project using instructor feedback on the milestones. Please see Guidelines and Rubric PDF file for complete instruction. I have attached three DOC file for milestone essay with the feedback from professor included in the essay.

Lecture from this week:

Higher education has traditionally focused on the study of one discipline. Degrees in general studies have grown in popularity because of trends such as rapidly developing technology, the shift toward a global society, and the need for greater innovation. Students, employers, and community leaders are beginning to recognize the value of a T-shaped professional who possesses expertise in a concentration area that is complemented by broad capability in a number of additional areas. These well-rounded professionals are increasingly sought-after. Because general studies degrees are still relatively new compared to traditional degrees, students must become adept at explaining how and why the choice of a general studies degree is a strategic and valuable one. Communicating the value of a BA.GS degree starts with recognizing the importance of building both dimensions of the T: the depth KSAs that form the vertical part of the T and the complementary breadth KSAs that form the horizontal part of the T. Understanding of the importance of T-shaped KSAs will inform the purposeful design of the academic plan of study, which also considers your current strengths and weaknesses to ensure that you have the capabilities necessary to achieve your specific goal. In this module, you will apply all you have learned and all the feedback you have received on milestones as you prepare your final project, an academic plan of study and a detailed presentation that includes an explanation of your SMART goal and strategy, the diverse KSAs required to accomplish your goal, and the support for those KSAs in your concentration and domains.

I could not upload three essay now. I will add them once you are selected to write this paper. It does not let me add more than 4 file.

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