3 ppp slides by tomorrow 12pm noon- Japanese culture

I need 3 slides for this presentation- ( It is a team presentation, so I only need THREE) on traditions of Japanese culturePSY/450: Diversity And Cultural Factors In PsychologyWk 3 Team – Cultural Presentation [due Mon]Wk 3 Team – Cultural Presentation [due Mon]Assignment ContentResource:Grading Guide: Cultural PresentationImagine a local company has contacted you regarding new employees from a different culture.Choose a culture outside of those represented in your Learning Team.Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®, research-based presentation to help employees understand cultural differences in the expression of emotion and the interpretation of behaviors and traditions. Include the following in your presentation:Discuss research findings on cultural differences in the expression of emotion, interpretation of behavior, and traditionsTranslate the research results into everyday terms, as your audience will be people unfamiliar with psychological jargon.Apply the research findings to your chosen culture.Include a minimum of three credible, peer-reviewed resources in your presentation.Format the citations in your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.Submit your assignment.ResourcesCenter for Writing ExcellenceReference and Citation GeneratorGrammar and Writing GuidesLearning Team ToolkitCopyright 2018 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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