you will need two 2 secondary sources

You have already located one primary and one secondary source. For the paper, YOU WILL NEED TWO (2) secondary sources, so look for your 2nd SECONDARY source that will help you to better understand the meaning of your primary source in U.S. history.

1. Type the citation once again for the PRIMARY SOURCE that you have already found.

2. Provide the citation of your 2nd SECONDARY SOURCE, Chicago Style. FOR CHICAGO STYLE: Use this link, and scroll down – you’ll see what information you you need for a Chicago style citation; you will see many examples of citations for books, articles, and scholarly websites, so you know exactly what it looks like: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


  • Your secondary sources should have plentiful information to help you answer the questions for your paper due at the end of the semester. If you have secondary sources that don’t have significant information to help you answer the paper questions #2, 3, 5 & 6, THEN GET DIFFERENT SOURCES. (See the “Primary Source Project Directions about the questions you will be answering in the paper.)
  • Here are your directions for the types of secondary sources you need:

Secondary sources:

  • One must be a scholarly book or scholarly article–in print–about the topic of your primary source.
  • The other source may be either in print OR a reliable scholarly website. (not Wikipedia and not a K-12 children’s site, etc.
  • is only sometimes useful for this assignment; other times it is NOT. It may not have the information necessary to answer the questions for your paper and could reduce your grade, so look at the questions for the final paper, and if you use, explain in this “Sources Assignment” how it will help answer any of those questions.)
  • A reliable documentary may be one of your secondary sources.
  • No dictionaries or encyclopedias.
  • No children or young adult sources.
  • If you find an article in a database or online at a website that was originally in print in a scholarly journal, that is OK.


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