writing literature review yiming

This is write about literature review. I already done with 12 sources literature review part, please make some changes based on my professor’s comments, Total must be at least 12 sources. and add 5 pages. Total pages must be at least Full 9!!!!! pages. My work part is attached in file, please copy and past as Word version. There are professor’s comments with in the yellow part, please check these comments and make improvement based on it.

My topic is : Blue light emissions and eye health

The detailed writing instruction is post in the attached file.

Basic Requirements: Literature Review

  • Minimum nine 9!!!!! double-spaced pages in length, with the norm being 10-11
  • Incorporates 12!!!!! sources, of which 10 should be peer-reviewed (these are the same as those you’ve annotated in the AB)
  • Provides an answer to your research question in a structured narrative and employs your research findings to compile that answer. Please see the document “What is a literature review?” post in the attached file.
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