writing assignment image analysis select an online image such as an advertisement with a rhetorical message or agenda

Writing Assignment-Image Analysis

These topics are not approved for this class:

  • gun control
  • abortion
  • religious themes
  • abuse/violence topics
  • gender/sexuality topics
  • current politics

If your topic is controversial, contact me for approval before beginning the assignment. If you choose to ignore this rule, your paper will receive a zero.

Select an online image such as an advertisement with a rhetorical message or agenda.

Using The Strategies for Visual Analysis, analyze the image by addressing as many strategies as possible.

Insert the image into the first page of your paper and explain what is going on. You must be able to explain the message of the image. What is the purpose? Who is the intended audience? What message is being communicated? Your paper should thoroughly describe the message, the intended audience, and the artistic choices that appeal to the audience such as the use of text (if applicable

Once you have chosen an image, save it to your computer and use Word to insert it into your paper. Adjust the size so it does not take up the entire page.

You are not required to have a references page, but it is important to correctly cite the image (see example).

Cut and paste the URL into Word-Insert-Text Box (You must highlight the image first).

250 words

Times New Roman 12 pt. Double spaced

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