write up instructions or procedures for an action someone else is to perform

Write up instructions or procedures for an action someone else is to perform. The action needs to be fairly specific, since the steps you write will need to be detailed. Also, these steps need to be created on your own. The process can be unique, such as preparing to work every day once you arrive at your workplace, installing computer software, cooking a family recipe, creating driving instructions, taking care of pets, maintaining a piece of machinery, etc. While similar instructions on these topics might be available online, the goal is to not rely on those but to create the instructions using your own unique knowledge. The procedures/instructions should contain or be influenced by the following characteristics:

  • effective order
  • clarity
  • details
  • Consideration of audience
  • readability
  • motivating the reader to read the procedures/instructions
  • making the big picture clear
  • any other relevant characteristics that the book discussed
  • graphics (optional)

You may choose what topic to write about; just keep in mind that it needs to be focused.

The audience for this assignment is very important, so I want you to include a note at the top of your paper that tells who the audience is; expert, semi-expert or non-expert. For example, if you are writing about how to start a certain computer graphics program, you might tell me that the person using this program will be computer literate and will have operated similar graphics programs before. You will need to tell me generally what background information the audience may or may not know.

Your paper should be no longer than 2 pages.

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