write two page letter phil class

Write a two-page letter, telling me about a movie you saw and liked a lot, and try to convince me to go see it. This is not a film report, so limit your description of the film to a couple paragraphs only. Write an opening paragraph, a short description of movie, and then begin to explain what the film means to you (for example, “The movie Saving Private Ryan meant a lot to me because my grandfather fought in World War II. After seeing the film I feel that I can understand what he went through”). The final section must include thoughtful reasoning about why I should go see it (for example, “Even though you do not know my grandfather, seeing this film will allow you to witness the horror of war”). Sometimes, personal reasons are more meaningful than purely aesthetic ones. You have no idea what my taste is in cinema, but it does not matter, because it is not about what I like; rather it is about why I should like it.The letter must be typed, as all project papers must be typed. I will not accept handwritten work. All projects should be double spaced with your name and class on the upper left corner. 

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