write paper on drawing at museum

Part of the requirements for completion of this course is a 2 page single spaced (typed) paper based on any drawing seen in person at a museum You may visit any of the following museum collections:

1-National Gallery of Art

2-West Wing (mostly European/American art, historic)

3-National Gallery of Art

4-East Wing (mostly European/American art, Modern/Contemporary Art)

5-Smithsonian American Art Museum

6-National Museum of African Art

7-Hirshhorn Museum (International, Modern, Contemporary Art)

8-The Phillips Collection(small fee to get in19th and 20th century)

9-The Freer/Sackler Gallery (Asian Art)

10-National Museum of Women in the Arts

Your paper should focus on your own analysis and interpretation of the work and demonstrate an understanding of how elements, principles, composition, and relationships between form and content serve their purpose throughout the piece. You should also write about the psychological or emotional expression of the work, the style of the work and influences behind the work, and the physical and aesthetic qualities of the work. While the title, date, size, and artist who created your chosen piece are to be included in your paper, biographical information about the artist should NOT be included in your paper. I repeat, biographical information about the artist should NOT be included in your paper. Essays will be graded against the “Writing Rubric” presented on reverse side.

Key Terms:

Elements: Line, Value, Shape, Color, Texture, Space, Motion

Principles: Unity, Balance, Scale/Proportion, Contrast/Emphasis, Rhythm

Composition: How elements are arranged in the picture plane.

Form:Medium-pen and ink, pencil, paint, 2D, 3D, paper, canvas etc.

Content: Meaning behind work, underlying themes, message addressed.

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