write an annotation on this author

Please choose an author from the list below and find a scholarly biography for the author. For this portfolio, you will be preparing an annotation of an article on an author . You MUST cite your source. DO NOT use an encyclopedia of any kind (wikipedia, Britannica, etc.) Now write an annotation for this author. Your final draft should include the citation + 100-150 word summary (annotation) presenting the author’s main idea and supporting information.

George Orwell

I have attached my rough draft with my teachers comments and corrections. I need you to redo my original one correctly and with a new article.

Teachers comments on rough draft : This doesn’t make a lot of sense. However, there is no need to fix that – the article is not about Orwell’s life, it is about his thoughts on Catalonia. Though that influenced one part of his life, it is not the whole picture that you should be presenting in this summary. . I have made comments on the attached file(s).

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