write a value proposition paragraph

  • Topic sentence that asserts ONE skill that makes you a great fit and gives an overview of why (i.e. includes some evidence)
  • Bulk of the paragraph is evidence that you have that skill based on your experience(s)
  • Closing sentence of the paragraph explicitly states how your skill can help the employer

Sample: I communicate well as demonstrated in my position as the director of professional development for Gamma Iota Sigma, an organization for Actuarial Science and Risk Management majors.As director, I organized and spoke to assemblies of as many of three hundred students about professional development opportunities as companies such as Marsh and McLennan.I also scheduled and facilitated up to two mock interviews per week between retired industry personnel and organization members, one weekly business etiquette workshop with corporate consultants, and a monthly interview workshop with hiring managers.I also use email correspondence daily to inform members of approaching workshop deadlines, confirm reservations for workshops, and answer individual questions.

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