write a technical paper analyzing the episodes in this case

Write a technical paper analyzing the episodes in this case that includes the following:(7 to 10 Pages)Please find details of this in attachment below module 2 and task 2.

  • A brief discussion of what the issue or threat is and how it could affect the company.
  • What cybersecurity laws or compliance standards are affected.
  • What actions the company should take to mitigate the issue or decrease the potential threat.

—-> This is separate Part (300 Words discussion)

A company should do more research as to what privacy laws applicable to the company. Employers should always be ready to run into liability issues and potential lawsuits. That is if they were to overstep their boundaries regarding the privacy of employees. The security plans should consider/include any employee privacy concerns that are found through research. The structure of the security and privacy plan should cover all situations where the two could and would come into conflict. Firm strategies must address both employee privacy and company security, which will lay out the groundwork. Employees should be informed about the security rules of the company as well as to what will be monitored and not monitored frequently.

The plan and measure of security depend on the type of business. The size of your business directs the depth and complexity of your security. This also applies to the size of the team, the clientele, and the volume of products that handles every day. The location of the business plays a big part in it as well, and the kind of security the business owner and client decide to utilize. The type of security that will be used for an office in a remote location will vary from the security that is put in place at an office nestled in the heart of a metropolitan city. The environment around your office also is an essential factor because it will determine whether you need to fortify your building’s external security (Goodman, 2018).


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Discuss what you think the company security plan should cover:(300 Words)

  • How do you balance the security requirements and the right of the employees to privacy?
  • Are our laws adequately protecting both sides?
  • Does your plan and measure of security depend on the type of business?
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