write a report 12

Your company wants to build a new manufacturing facility which will cost $2.5 million for plant and machinery. It will have a net annual income cash flow of $750,000 for the next 10 years.

You could build it in your US location where your total incremental tax rate would be 45%. However you are considering building it in Ireland.

Calculate the after tax present worth of adding a new manufacturing facility in each of the two countries (Ireland and the USA) and determine where it would be better to place the investment. You will need to research tax methods and depreciation rules in Ireland, and compare with those of the US. Use these results to recommend where to make the investment.

Write a report to present and justify your decision. Discuss the effects of the financial issues in the decision process. Present your numerical analysis as an appendix to your report.

Your work will be evaluated for the accuracy of the numerical analysis (4 pts) and the depth and relevance of the various other issues that you have considered in the decision process (4 pts), and finally the quality of writing (2 pts).

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