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Reflection: Social psychologyDue date for you own reflection: Thu March 11thYour reflection post needs to be at least 10 full sentences; there is no maximum limitYour post must be written in your own wordsIf you refer to a source such as an article, video, or a book, provide a link or other identifying information about the source. Sources are not required for this reflection post, but they might be relevant. The source could be our textbook. If you refer to sources, use APA format citations.GRADING:5 points for A and 5 points for B (you get the full points if your post is at least 10 sentences and your discussion is relevant to the topic; your opinions, ideas and experiences are not graded for “accuracy”)REFLECTION TOPIC:For this week’s assignment, respond to BOTH of questions below (A and B). Respond to both in the same post (label A and B) unless your answers are very long. In that case you could separate A and B in their own  posts.A) Chapter 11 discusses helping behaviors. Under what conditions would you help a stranger? Stranded motorist? Passerby in obvious distress? What factors would influence your response to a stranger in need (presence of others, perception of the person in need, your own mood, etc.)? If you have examples of relevant situations from real life that you have experienced or witnessed, feel free to share.B) The textbook discusses factors that increase attraction: proximity, familiarity, similarity and reciprocity. Based on your experiences and observations of romantic relationships and/or friendships, do these factors seem to promote attraction? Or have you observed instances that seem to not support the attraction research data? For example, have you observed romantic relationships/friendships in which “opposites attract” or relationships/friendships that last despite having little or no reciprocity?

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