write a one page personal statement of your career and personal goals

  1. Write a one-page personal statement of your career and personal goals. This statement should include information about your experiences as well as a reflection of your interests and values.
  2. From the three available listings, choose an internship that interests you the most.
  3. Consider relevant skills and accomplishments. Think about the accomplishments and skills that you should have developed as a psychology major that are relevant to that internship (Hint: look at that qualifications section of the internship listings).
  4. Review some resources. These resources will not only help you with your portfolio assignment, but can also help you prepare for your career.
  5. Tailor both a cover letter and resume to the specific internship as if you have achieved those accomplishments and skills. Include any relevant psychology classes, any relevant internship, and any additional, relevant skills, awards, etc. Do not include irrelevant work experience (e.g., sales clerk, waitress, manager of restaurant, front desk clerk, etc.). Instead, list important experiences and skills that you should have developed as a psychology major. Be sure to include your career and personal objectives as well.
    You must include these elements:

oQualifications (List any specific skills that you possess)

oPrevious relevant employment (List positions and dates of employment)

oVolunteer experience (List relevant positions and dates that you volunteered)

oExtracurricular activities (College and High School)

oAwards received/Hobbies and interests

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